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Nielsen ranks online play time, time spent gaming for each console

OK. We’re going to share some numbers with you, but you have to promise not to freak out, by which we mean skipping straight to the comments and going off half-cocked. You promise? OK. So, according to a console usage survey by The Nielsen Company, PS3 owners spend just under half their time (49 percent) gaming, as compared to 62 percent on 360 and 69 on Wii. Since you’re not freaking out about that (you promised!), you should check out Gamasutra’s analysis where you’ll find some other interesting figures, like how much time is spent online and which ages are playing.

The time spent gaming statistic, if you thinking about it, isn’t a measure of which platform has the most "r33l gamerz" (is "r33l" a thing? if not, we’re starting it) but what people are buying the consoles for. A look at time spent watching DVDs and Blu-ray’s (27 percent on PS3 vs 11 on 360) reminds us that there are probably plenty of non-gamers that just bought the box as a cheap Blu-ray player padding the numbers.

So, the consoles all do different things and different people love them for different reasons. It’s a veritable rainbow of useful applications and applicators. It’s … crap, you’re already commenting, aren’t you?


Source: Joystiq

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