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Crystal Dynamics on recreating Lara Croft


Game Informer continues its coverage of the recently announced Tomb Raider reboot, this time offering up a discussion with Crystal Dynamics on the creation of the new Lara Croft. Global brand director Karl Stewart noted that the new Tomb Raider began as a continuation of Lara’s most recent adventure, Underworld. Eventually, however, the team chose to create an origin story in order to "reposition" Lara and make her relevant once again.

Art Director Brian Horton added that it’s important for today’s audience to "believe in their characters" and that Crystal Dynamics hopes that gamers "care for Lara at the end of the day." Expanding on this idea, the team approached the new design based on who Lara is as a person. "We wanted her be a blend of someone that has a level of vulnerability and inner strength," said Horton, adding that the focus of the redesign was to "understand who she was inside."

Furthermore, as Tomb Raider is an origin story, Lara will grow as a character as the tale is told, and players will be able to see actual changes. Stewart notes, for example, that Lara may be taken aback by enemies during her first encounters. However, as the game progresses, her performance and animations will change to reflect her growing stronger as a character. Read the full article for more on how Crystal Dynamics went about creating a new Lara, both inside and out.


Source: Joystiq

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